Promote Your Business With Digital Signage You Can Build in Minutes

July 11, 2022

Have you considered using digital signage for your business?

It’s such a popular market that it is expected to top $19.44 billion by 2027. Businesses across industries are taking advantage of digital signage’s role in increasing profits.

You’ve seen digital signage, even if you haven’t heard of the word before. Digital signage describes electronically controlled displays on large monitors or screens. 

Businesses use digital signage on outdoor advertising, kiosks, electronic menu boards and more. They are typically placed in high-traffic areas of businesses to capitalize on foot traffic and consumer attention. 

Digital signage is a powerful way to connect and engage with your target audience. 

The bright lights, eye-catching movement and dynamic displays grab consumers’ attention and invite them to engage with the content.

Seize marketing opportunities with digital signage

With digital signage, it’s easy to make the most out of marketing opportunities. 

For example, if you have a business with a waiting area, you can create a self-service kiosk or display with virtual assistance. 

Digital signage is easy to update in real-time and can run on custom rotations you create. 

Because digital signage is so malleable, there is room to experiment. You’re not locked into what you want to communicate for a certain period of time (like you would be with print advertising). Digital signage gives you a leg up in an increasingly digital and fast-paced world. 

Digital signage also has the potential to be interactive. Interactive digital signage allows customers to seek information independently, share experiences and engage with content.

Make the most of employee time 

Interactive signage intensifies customer engagement by allowing individuals to access product information they need without involving an on-the-ground employee.

It helps you and your employees.

If you’ve ever had to wait long enough for a store employee to wonder if you require assistance, you know exactly what we mean.

Making it hard to access product details and promotions can be a real revenue killer.

Studies have shown that customers prefer self-service over working with support agents. 

The breadth of information that can be provided via digital signage means that your employees don’t have to respond to routine questions and can provide help quickly to those who most need it.

Make marketing easier

Digital signage makes it easy to display and format content and marketing campaigns across screens. 

You don’t have to go through the hassle of navigating complex software and can use the content creation tools you know, like Canva, to create your displays. In addition, it’s easy to integrate live streams, existing promotions, or games into your campaigns for added interaction. 

Better yet? You can easily track which displays in your campaign are successful and which are not. 

That means you don’t have to worry about running your own analytics and sifting through complex data. 

The 20th-century promotion solution

Customers crave digital interactions. 

It can be easy to deliver the expectations of a modern market with interactive digital signage. Interactive digital displays are the perfect combination of the physical and digital realms, transforming your brick-and-mortar business into an immersive digital environment.

Digital signage is an incredible marketing tool because there are endless ways to implement it. 

Change marketing content instantly

If your business has locations spanning one end of the country to the other, digital signage allows you to change promotional content on every store screen simultaneously with the push of a button.

Or, better yet, you can run different campaigns for different markets. Again, digital signage makes it easy to make your campaigns effective on a granular level. 

It’s easy to run custom rotations throughout the day to ensure your messages get across when they matter most. 

Do you have daily specials or monthly deals? You can schedule your electronic signs to promote the specials that will get the most traffic through the door. 

Give your customers a world of entertainment options 

Games, live polls, social media feeds and QR codes mean consumers are never bored. 

UPshow has the templates and tools you need to create a vast entertainment library to find the perfect interactive content for your target audience.

For example, you might use a video wall to display a football game in your sports bar; it beats crowding around a small screen at the bar!

Unique patron experiences keep consumers coming back. Digital promotions showcase the sort of experience that they can expect. The hardest part of creating an effective promotion is creating something that adequately promises and represents the potential of a consumer experience.  

Get traffic through the door, and keep them there with digital signage. 

Catch the eye of passersby

The advantages of digital signage aren’t limited to in-store experiences. In fact,  approximately 80% of all buyers say they entered a retail establishment simply because a digital display they saw outside the business caught their eye. 

Strategically placing screens can result in foot traffic that may have otherwise been lost with traditional promotional methods. 

Breathe new life into your brand

Digital signage can breathe new life into a brand that has grown stale over the years. 

It’s easy and cost-effective to reinvent a brand’s image with digital promotion. However, the initial investment cost is a trade-off for a highly malleable and informative rebranding. 

The flexibility to choose display monitors and create unique content that is right for you means that your promotional solutions are unique to your goals and target audience. 

Getting started couldn't be easier. 

All you need to do is install your screens, like TVs, and link up with a digital signage provider.

Is signage software that simple to use? 

Yes, absolutely! 

Creating and displaying content couldn’t be easier. UPshow uses Canva integration to help you format and create the content right for your marketing message. 

You can choose templates for: 

  • App promotion
  • Customer Reviews
  • Surveys
  • Social media feeds
  • Menus

It’s simple to integrate QR codes into your displays so that your consumers can carry your business wherever they go. Not into creating your own promotions? Our in-house team can be your partner in strategy and design for your brand. 

Businesses in hospitality, entertainment, healthcare, automotive, fitness and more rely on UPshow’s plug-and-play technology to keep target audiences engaged. 

Your digital screens should be used to market your business, not anybody else's. That's why our platform is 100% ad-free.

With UPshow, it’s easy to create a highly-effective campaign. 

Make your marketing content pop with UPshow

UPshow makes it easy for you to create the highly engaging content you want your target audience to associate with your brand. Not sure how to get started? Let us give you a demo and help you start creating content that counts.

Our feature-filled technology empowers you to transform your business’s screens into powerful revenue-generating machines.

UPshow’s interactive engagement platform lets you customize your very own digital signage channel with a mix of compelling marketing content, customer social media content, and entertainment feeds. 

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