Make Screen Time Productive with Your School's Digital Signage

June 14, 2023

As digital technologies evolve, our educational systems should take advantage of them to make learning more accessible for all students, regardless of their socioeconomic background or learning capabilities. 

According to research centered on access to digital learning opportunities, these technologies in educational settings have the potential to shrink the learning gap and create a more inclusive learning environment for all students. School digital signage, in particular, is doing its part to lead the charge toward closing that gap.

The benefits of using digital signage solutions in schools

Spend five minutes on any school campus, and you’ll see students toting around cellphones, tablets, laptops or some form of wearable technology. This way, students get the information they need when they need it. Make school digital signage a natural extension of what they’re already accustomed to (and benefit from).

Enhance student engagement 

Student engagement refers to the level of interest, enthusiasm, involvement and passion students show during the learning process. One of the top drivers behind student engagement is getting them motivated in the first place. 

What does that entail, exactly? Research reveals that a student’s sense of “relatedness” is a pillar component that facilitates their motivation in an educational setting. Meaning students are more motivated when they feel they belong and can connect to their learning environment.

Motivating students with school digital signage will help them achieve this necessary level of belonging and connection so they perform at their best. You can use digital solutions to build an engaging digital classroom that will:

  • Give students access to interactive learning tools, dynamic videos and more to engage them (and meet diverse learning needs).
  • Provide access to assignment instructions and more, saving time and resources by avoiding printing costs.
  • Integrate with external learning resources that appeal to students, such as YouTube, Udemy, and more.

Promote and celebrate achievement

Recognition and praise for student progress, achievement and behavior are positive reinforcements that will motivate students to engage and reach for new heights. Studies show that public recognition and praise for good performance serve as a model and motivator for other students. When digital signage solutions populate a school setting, students will enjoy a front-row seat to that recognition for themselves and their classmates — creating a stronger sense of community for all of them. 

Educators can use digital school signage to praise students in many ways, including:

  • Recognition for honor roll and other high-achieving students
  • Praise for students who have improved the most over the semester or school year.
  • Acknowledgment of kindness, good sportsmanship and other community-minded behavior.
  • Showcase student artwork and projects.

Create channels for communication 

To motivate and engage students, you’ll need to give them access to the information and resources necessary to succeed. By placing digital education signage throughout the school, you can create effective channels for communication— keeping the latest information and resources visible at centralized points.

School digital signage can foster improved student-to-student and student-to-faculty communication by:

  • Keeping students aware of their daily, weekly and yearly schedule.
  • Broadcasting important announcements about after-school clubs, lunch offerings, fundraisers, etc.
  • Displaying surveys to encourage feedback from students.
  • Showcasing your Facebook, Instagram, or other social media feeds to ignite school spirit and encourage students to rally together as a community.

Transform your screens with easy-to-use signage software

Many, if not most, of your classrooms, libraries and social gathering points already have TVs or other digital screens. With school budgets tight for many districts, getting the most use out of your existing resources is critical.

UPshow is the leading on-premise digital display software that can transform the screens at your school into learning tools that will motivate your students and boost their engagement. That transformation is seamless, and creating educational content is as easy as ABC.

Effortless content creation 

Every student has a unique learning style. Some are visual learners, while others may be kinesthetic or even neurodiverse. Accommodating their diverse learning styles with engaging content can be easier said than done.

Add to that; educators are busy from the time the morning bell rings until well after dismissal. UPshow makes content creation effortless, never adding to their workload. 

Instead, our education-themed templates and in-app Canva integration will allow you to effortlessly create content and easily accommodate your students’ diverse learning styles by:

  • Using videos, music, royalty-free photos and more to make your displays engaging.
  • Keeping students aware of local, national or global news with over 500 entertainment channels including hyperlocal content.
  • Scheduling content with playlists, easing your teachers’ everyday workload.
  • Engaging with students outside of school using the QR Code campaign creator to create surveys and polls or remind them to use their student portal.
  • Creating unique content on a per-screen, per-school basis across your school district.
  • Taking advantage of insights and analytics to monitor and analyze student engagement so teachers and admin can optimize digital content whenever necessary.

Create forms, polls, surveys and more

Attempting to get student feedback on any issue via old-school methods (i.e., pen and paper) is time and cost-prohibitive. With UPshow, you can use QR-code technology to direct students to fill out a form or survey from their personal or mobile devices long after the final bell rings.

Or, you can remind the student body to complete a poll or assignment by displaying a notice via a fixed panel or multipanel display that won’t disrupt the lesson plan or other content you need them to see simultaneously.    

Get more out of your school’s screens with UPshow

The future of every industry, without exception, falls on the shoulders of upcoming generations. With international news and cutting-edge research available at our fingertips, giving students access to what they need to succeed will allow them to innovate and compete globally.

At UPshow, our innovative education engagement platform can enrich your students’ learning experience all school year, leaving no student behind.Schedule your risk-free demo today to see how digital school signage can light the path toward better engagement, inspiring your students to blaze trails for years to come.