Spotlight: Bar Louie

July 6, 2017

The modern, relaxed vibe at Bar Louie invites both local and regional beers, handcrafted cocktails and craveable food choices for guests to enjoy. In various Bar Louie locations around the country, UPshow screens are helping bring social content to life inside the venues and online.

So Eat. Drink. Be Happy. And post to the UPshow screen!  

Let’s take a look at the “UPshow Effect” at the participating Bar Louie locations-highlighting customer posts that aren’t only customer pictures but customer promotions:



Each Bar Louie location has its own local flavor. Influencers in the area, businesses and activities help shape a culture in the Bar Louie venue. By combining Bar Louie’s brand name with radio shows and social users with high following ratios, the brand is branching into different audiences online. Whether it’s a single influencer or an event hosted at Bar Louie, these social posts attach themselves to Bar Louie’s brand in the local community.

Geo-tagging Capabilities:


If adding another hashtag just about ruins your perfect post or if you can’t remember which ones it takes to get on the screen, UPshow allows Bar Louie locations to accept geo-tags to the screen. While guests have an even easier time getting their fifteen seconds of fame on the UPshow screen, Bar Louie is able to view and track user-generated content even easier by the specific location tag.

Check out the images above to see how Bar Louie’s UPshow geo-tags!

Food and Drink Promotion:


We all love seeing posts with glamorous friend squads that rival Taylor Swift, concert fun and birthday events but nothing draws your eye better than a beautiful looking martini and appetizer to pair. When a guest posts their menu item to UPshow, other guests are drawn to the screen, curiously debating whether to order the delish dish before them. The group mentality that helps influence on social media is also coming into play when one guest sees what another guest enjoys, especially when it’s broadcasted on the TV screens


In between Bar Louie's guest posts that invite and delight other patrons, the UPshow screens display content true to the brand's identity. These digital signage displays educate customers on menu items, like all the available ales, entertain customers with dynamic and fun bartender videos and even incite return visits with reminders about the weekly specials.

Check out the branded Bar Louie Spotlights below:

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