Spotlight: Deuce's and the Diamond Club

October 11, 2017

If there was ever a place with a picturesque industrial space, comfort food and high energy, Deuce’s and the Diamond Club is that place. The restaurant/bar in the heart of Wrigleyville features event spaces, an outdoor patio with cabanas and a reflecting fountain, and a menu stuffed with gourmet burgers, craft beers and aged whiskeys.

A combination of Wrigley energy, delicious food and thirst-quenching drinks makes Deuce’s the ultimate location to post a pic to UPshow.

Let’s take a look at the “UPshow Effect” at Deuce’s-highlighting customer posts that aren’t just pictures, they’re invaluable promotions:

Employee Troops:

Employees at your business aren’t just serving up menu orders, they’re crafting the entire brand in-venue brand experience for your customers. As a business, you want your front line brand ambassadors to embody the brand image (and have fun doing it!). Social media is one of the best ways employees can bring it with brand promotion. With UPshow, the employees are excited to post to get their faces on the screen while also inviting all their social followers to the venue.

Take a look at the way Deuce’s employees use #UPshow to be the business’s brand ambassadors on screen and on social!

Wrigley Proximity:

The newlywed couple looking for a beachfront property that’s also a short distance from their downtown office on House Hunters aren’t the only ones location matters to. Deuce’s can take full advantage of the marketable Wrigleyville neighborhood it resides in. As Cubs fans huddle around the Friendly Confines, venues like Deuce’s are the perfect spot to pop in to for a drink before or after the game. Owning this nearness with UPshowTV channels featuring Cubs baseball highlights only invites more guests to the business!

Connected Commerce:

Giving your guests the best experience doesn’t begin and end with their in-venue visit. You can check out how to really engage with consumer-generated content for better results here. In the meantime, UPshow makes your customer engagement completely seamless with Connected Commerce. Deuce’s automated Connected Commerce message offers guests who post to UPshow a discounted menu item. This incentivizes the customer to spend more and stay longer to redeem that offer. It also causes this special guest to brag to her friends and social followers about Deuce’s social media incentives, increasing the business’s CGC as more post with Deuce’s hashtags to snag the promotion.

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