Spotlight: World of Beer

June 23, 2017

Travel the World of Beer from your local barstool with 50 craft beers on tap and over 500 more in the cooler. Over 10 World of Beer locations partner with UPshow and give social media audiences a true taste exploration of beers and accompanied eats.  

Let’s take a look at the “UPshow Effect” at World of Beer-highlighting customer posts that aren't just pictures but invaluable promotions. 

Throughout the various WOB locations that display UPshow, consumer-generated content is created and shared in niche audience circles, local events and in-venue gatherings. Here’s a look at a few that truly highlight the essence of variety World of Beer offers to beer lovers and the local community.

Beer Lovers Unite

Consumers head to social media to discover and learn more about topics that interest them. Niche markets like craft beer are filled to the brim (we had to) on social media with influential accounts documenting, tracking and posting about the best craft beer selections around the world. Rather than feel inspired to grab a cold one after watching some cute puppies consumers today check out their social media followers to see where to get the best brew. Accounts like The Beer Nation are a part of this niche market that caters towards beer-lovers. As such, it has become a trustworthy source for the audience. When The Beer Nation posted to UPshow at the World of Beer Syracuse location the perfect target audience for the business was reached. Those in the beer community saw the post from the influential account and can now consider World of Beer a potential place to try out new beers.

Double Whammy:

Musicians Martin and Kelly really showed how a two in one opportunity works! Martin and Kelly have their own expansive social following ready to track their shows. Just by posting to their account, those fans see the content. When Martin and Kelly post to UPshow and use the World of Beer hashtags they have now exposed their fans to a larger community of World of Beer fans. World of Beer is gaining more potential reach and entrance into the local music scene on social through Martin and Kelly while Martin and Kelly are displaying their concert news on the UPshow screens for all World of Beer patrons to see.

Room for Activities:

Just like how consumers look for their interest topics on social media, they also look for events to attend. And just like how consumers tend to stray from brands and turn towards their social media followers, the same thing happens when promoting events. @ccphelps post to UPshow about World of Beer's bingo night has the potential to drive a bigger turnout of people truly interested in finding a bingo night than a branded post has. The social user is broadcasting to her followers who share similar likes, dislikes and interests- possibly including bingo or other fun in-venue nights!

Connected Commerce:

The social engagement and sharing aspect is extremely beneficial to a business; however, World of Beer also takes advantage of UPshow’s Connected Commerce feature, which allows the business to offer opportunities for more revenue directly through its consumer’s social media posts. Check out the picture above to see how excited this World of Beer consumer and her friends are that they have received a special personalized promotion all because they posted to the UPshow screens!


Our World of Beer UPshow locations also feature menu items, brunch specials and events through our digital signage experience. These eye-catching branded signs attract patrons in venue and spark the idea to come back for the events and promotions advertised. Click through the above images to see some examples World of Beer's Spotlights.

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