The 10 Best Commercial Digital Signage Displays of 2024

April 28, 2021

Investing in commercial digital signage displays can help your business stand out from the competition. But you need to have the right digital display screens to achieve your digital signage goals. Finding the best digital displays for your company’s needs can be tough. There are tons of commercial digital signage options to consider and many of these won’t be right for your business.

That’s why we’ve put together the following list. It contains the top 10 digital display screens of 2023 and some useful information on what you should be looking for while shopping for digital display screens and monitors. Keep reading to discover:

  • The best 10 digital display screens of 2022
  • Factors to consider while shopping for TV signage displays
  • Why UPshow is the right software to pair with your displays

Discover The Real Value of Commercial Digital Signage Displays Today

ELO 4202L TouchScreen Digital Signage Display

A commercial digital display touchscreen with multiple use-cases

This 42-inch screen from ELO has everything you’d want from an interactive display. Its sensitive, yet durable touchscreen is perfect for everything from self-service to wayfinding. The digital display screen has a slim profile as well, which makes it easy to fit in a variety of locations.

You can hang this display on a wall, set it up on a kiosk or put it on a stand. Regardless, you’ll get a crystal-clear picture from the screen’s LCD panels. ELO makes this touchscreen in sizes ranging from 32 to 65 inches so you can use different versions of the same screen throughout your entire business with ease.

TCL 55” Class 6-Series 4K QLED Dolby Vision HDR TV

An affordable digital display screen for businesses requiring high-quality picture

If you’re looking for a stunning, yet affordable digital signage, this screen from TCL could be your best option. It features a slim 3.2-inch screen with ultra HD 4K quality and LED backlighting. The screen provides crisp displays that viewers won’t want to look away from.

The commercial display screen also includes three HDMI ports. These could prove useful if you plan on connecting your digital signage to multiple external devices. But even if you don’t use them, the screen is still worth your attention thanks to its affordable price and great picture quality.

Insignia 43” NS-43DF710NA19 Commercial Digital Display

An easy-to-operate digital display screen with wide-viewing angles and well-rounded features

Insignia is a fairly popular brand in digital signage screens business for a good reason -- they make products like this. This screen is a great choice for people who don’t want to have to micromanage their digital display screens. It’s super simple to operate and includes several features that make it stand out from other options.

For example, this screen from Insignia includes a Voice Remote with Alexa. It also has wide viewing angles, which makes it perfect for bars, restaurants and other businesses where customers watch the same screens from multiple locations. The display also features 4K Ultra HD picture quality.

Sony Bravia 55” X750F LED Display Screen for Business

A smart display TV for business with loads of apps and automated power-saving technology

If you’re looking for a solid LED display signage, you can’t go wrong with this one from Sony. The smart display screen for business comes preloaded with a ton of apps. It also features voice interaction with Google Assistant. 

But most importantly, the screen has a power-saving mode that uses smart technology to adjust the display brightness and reduce energy consumption automatically.

Phillips P-Line Display 55” 55BDL3010Q

Digital Display Signage specifically designed for commercial use which you can run 24/7

Phillips P-Line Display was specifically designed for use as digital signage. The biggest selling point for this screen is that you can leave it on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it won’t overheat. The display also has a helpful feature called FailOver. When enabled, this automatically switches between a list of alternative inputs when the current one stops working. 

This can be very useful for businesses who are trying to entertain their customers. If the device you’re using to play content stops working, you can have a backup ready to go. That way you’ll keep your customers entertained even if you don’t notice that your primary media device went down.

55” Samsung PM-H Series Commercial LED display signage

A screen with powerful brightness settings for brilliant daytime digital signage displays

This screen from Samsung is another that’s made specifically for use in commercial settings. It could be right for your business if you tend to display fast-moving video images often. The display has a 60 Hz refresh rate, which will help videos like these appear smooth and clear.

Like the Phillips P-Line, this screen from Samsung was also built for 24/7 use. It also offers a ton of brightness so businesses can display whatever messages they want with clarity even during the daylight.

70” Sharp 45-B70CJ1U Commercial Digital Signage

A huge digital signage display screen with powerful features that help you unlock even more impact from the size

This screen from Sharp is a great choice for companies that are looking to make an impact. It’s a massive 70” display with powerful 10-watt speakers and wide viewing angles. Your guests can view and hear the screen from many different locations across your venue because of these features. 

The Sharp screen also has an Ultra HD 4K resolution and an automatic on/off feature.

65” LG UH7F-B Digital Information Display Screen

A strong choice for digital signage display systems trying to cope with high footfall areas

LG is a huge brand in the digital screen displays space with several screens that are great for digital signage. This product is one of the company’s best. This commercial signage display is ideal for high foot traffic areas where you want to display valuable information to your guests.

The screen has a high brightness functionality so that you can display your messages throughout the day. It also has a 4K picture resolution and a remote monitoring feature that will help you stay on top of the screen’s performance.

50” ViewSonic CDE5010 4K UHD Commercial LED

An affordable digital signage LED display with anti-glare capabilities

This display from ViewSonic is a solid choice for any business that’s looking for a high-performance LED signage screen. It features wide viewing angles and a high brightness display. The screen also has anti-glare viewing features, which makes it a good option for companies that deal with glare in their facilities.

The ViewSonic CDE5010 is also very affordable. It’s priced at just $999, which is quite good for a screen with so many features.

LG 65” TR3BF-B Series IR Multi-Touch Point UHD IPS Digital Display

An interactive signage display with smart capabilities and an Ultra HD resolution

This LG display stands out with its impressive touchscreen capabilities. The screen includes multi-touch technology, which is dual pen compatible. It also features an Ultra HD resolution and IPS Panels to provide superior picture quality.

The TR3BF-B also features several smart capabilities. For example, it includes an Android OS that allows web browsing through Chrome. The screen also has a built-in OPS kit and supports screen sharing. 

Keep these things in mind while shopping for digital signage screens

Digital display screens can be very different from one another. To ensure you make the right purchase for your company, you need to first understand what you hope to get out of your TV signage.

For example, your main goal might just be to keep your guests entertained while they’re at your bar or in your waiting room. In that case, you wouldn’t want to pay extra for a digital signage display that provides touchscreen capabilities since you wouldn’t need them.

Similarly, you don’t have to invest in a 70” screen if your venue is relatively small. It’s important to keep in mind your company’s unique needs while shopping to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck from your digital displays.

As you consider your options, you’ll want to consider the following factors:

  • Screen size and resolution
  • Price
  • Warranties
  • Ports
  • Type of TV (LED, LCD, OLED or Plasma)

Check out this blog post if you’d like to learn more about the process of selecting digital display screens for your company.

Combine your digital signage screens with UPshow’s powerful digital signage software

Purchasing the right digital signage screens is essential to getting the most out of your TV signage. However, it’s not the only factor that matters. You also need to make sure that you pair your screens with digital signage software that will unlock their full potential for your company.

UPshow is perfect for that. Our platform enables businesses to transform their TV screens into engaging digital experiences for customers and employees alike. 

UPshow includes more than 500 channels of streaming content along with powerful marketing tools and robust analytics capabilities. Collectively, these features will help you keep your customers engaged, entertained and informed throughout the time they spend with you.

But you don’t have to just take our word for it. We’ll show you exactly what we can do to help your business maximize the impact of its digital signage. You can sign up to schedule a custom demo today by visiting this webpage. We look forward to working with you.

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