How to Use Advertising on your Gym TV to Boost Profits!

December 22, 2020

How many TVs does your gym have? You’ve probably invested in at least a handful of screens to engage members while they work out. TVs are a necessary but expensive part of your business, with ongoing cable costs. But what if your TVs could boost your bottom line instead of draining profits?

Fitness Center Advertising is a genuine avenue that many businesses consider. This means that you can leverage your in-venue screens to drive revenue by turning them into your own in-gym advertising network. Digital signage gives you all the perks of traditional TV, like entertainment and education, while transforming your screens into valuable real estate for local businesses and fitness brands.

Here’s how you can incorporate your gym TVs into your marketing strategies for gyms, make advertising connections and measure results with your digital signage.

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Take Control with Your Fitness Product Advertisements

An irrelevant fast food ad plays in a gym - an ad that does not fit the audience or the venue

Ads play on traditional TV for almost one-third of every hour, per Statista. At best, these commercials market irrelevant products and services to your members. At worst, they market your competitors’ products and services inside your own gym. 

High-quality digital signage grants you 100% control over what shows on your gym TV, meaning you can sell your own screen time. Custom in-gym advertising doesn’t just supplement your gym’s revenue, it also benefits your members by ensuring they only see helpful, relevant information. Choose ads for businesses and products you think your members will want or need to know about. For example, clients with personal trainers may take interest in healthy meal prep subscriptions, whereas yoga class participants may be drawn to a brand of sustainable fitness equipment.

Members will appreciate the useful information on your gym TV, and brands will gladly pay for advertising in your gyms because it will give them access to a captive, targeted audience, making it a best of both worlds situation for your gym.

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Invite Gym Ads for your Gym TVs

An example of signage offering in-gym advertising opportunities

Start driving interest in your gym’s advertising opportunities by spreading the word and finding other companies that share your goals. Digital signage doesn’t only host your gym ads; it can also spread the word about your new ad space.

Your members all have their own jobs outside of your gym. Many are business owners, influencers, community organizers or marketing executives in search of partnerships. Use this fact to your advantage and give them first access to your new fitness advertisement network. Promote the opportunity on your TVs with “YOUR AD HERE” style signage. using different types of fitness center advertisement examples. Include a custom QR code in the promotion to encourage interested parties to reach out or get more information right away. They simply scan the code with their phone and immediately reach any sign up form, landing page or email address of your choosing.

Leveraging the relationships you already have with your members will kickstart your in-gym advertising network from day one, ensuring quick return on investment.

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Measure Results of your Gym Advertisement Campaigns

woman checks the data and analytics for her signage software while working in her gym

The idea of managing an in-gym advertising network in addition to existing responsibilities may sound overwhelming. However, the right tools can drastically reduce the time and energy necessary for success. 

Advertising on your gym TV with the right  digital signage software makes scheduling and measuring the impact of your efforts easier. Upload or create graphics quickly for your advertising partners. Schedule when and how often promotions show as far in advance as you need, and let the software do the rest. As ad campaigns end, reference the data and analytics section of your digital signage platform. Doing so will show you the frequency with which each ad is shown, allowing you to charge accordingly and manage as needed.  All this data can even give you new gym advertising ideas that you can use to improve your gym membership ads or even the ads from your “clients”.

Not only will investing in the best digital signage make coordinating your gym advertisement a breeze, it will also give you the data you need to form legitimate and rewarding business relationships with your advertisers.

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Using digital signage to create an in-gym advertising network can create a high-ROI source of revenue to supplement your gym’s main profit. Take control of your screens, recruit partners  interested in showing fitness center ads and track performance with ease, all while watching your profits grow.

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