Why Back of House Software Matters: Operational Excellence

August 26, 2020

Driving sales volume and cutting costs to increase margins are the hallmarks of good restaurant operations. Creating strong restaurant operations requires faster and more widespread communication than the average manager can achieve on a daily basis. Consequently, employees lack clarity about operational goals or receive them too late. The results are inconsistency, slow service and an overall lack of operational efficiency in restaurants.  

UPshow’s Back of House software contributes to operational efficiency in restaurants by communicating key indicators like speed of service, customer satisfaction, restaurant cleanliness and sales volume in real time. As a result, staff can react quickly and make a material impact on customer experience and bottom line.

Meet Item and Food-Preparation Goals Consistently

Front of house success is wholly dependent on back of house consistency. When the kitchen prepares food consistently and servers are aware of menu changes or item availability, the speed of service increases, customer expectations are met and overall operational efficiency improves.

UPshow’s Back of House software allows for rapid and effective communication of key updates like new menu items, restaurant procedures and food preparation processes.

Having menu and preparation updates readily available supports cooks in making dishes consistently, keeps servers informed on item availability and saves time as fewer items are sent back to the kitchen. As a result, the Back of House software messages create real operational efficiency in restaurants that reduce cost and increase profit margins. Learn More

Meet Guest and Service Goals Quickly

How frequently restaurants turn tables directly impacts sales volume. Improving the speed of service in restaurants increases that turnover metric as well as overall customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

In fact, 51% of diners surveyed by Consumer Reports listed slow service as one of their top complaints at restaurants.

UPshow’s Back of House software updates staff on KPIs like speed of service and other customer satisfaction metrics in real-time to deliver operational efficiency in restaurants. Learn More

Meet Health and Safety Goals Reliably

Maintaining a high level of quality and cleanliness is critical for growing restaurants, especially when a single social media post can cause acute damage to a restaurant’s reputation. In the recent Zenput/Technomic 2020 Restaurant Ops Report, less than 1 in 4 establishments reported being able to correct potential food safety concerns within 48 hours or less.

Keep staff informed and trained so they can resolve issues immediately or even prevent them before they happen. UPshow’s Back of House software regularly communicates the status of facility cleanliness and adherence to safety standards.

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