Why Your Business Should Follow In-Home Trends and Ditch Cable

February 22, 2018

Within the last 24 hours most of us have either:

  • A) opened Netflix
  • B) Clicked “Continue Watching” 4 hours after we logged onto Netflix
  • C) heard about a new show starting on Netflix, Amazon or Hulu
  • D) all of the above.

Online streaming has already become such a staple in our homes that it’s actually hard to hear our parents complain about that one time when there were only 3 channels and you watched whatever was on at 7pm after dinner. What’s harder about envisioning a time like that is, for the most part, that’s what even modern day cable feels like compared to the streaming technology. Sure, there’s still a billion channels at your fingertips but with each channel comes a predetermined schedule and worst of all, interruptive advertisements. It makes total sense for today’s generation to prefer online streaming and other technology to view content; however, the same should go for our business digital screens as well.

Cable is far from the only option your business can broadcast but not many have given much thought to it. What if we told you that it’s far easier, cheaper and more engaging to stop cable at your business?  

What Cable Can’t Offer: CONTROL

New innovation in how we consume entertaining content has shed light on exactly what your cable package “gets” you. And what it boils down to is control. Cable can’t deliver the same amount of control other technologies can. With cable, your business TVs are stuck with uncontrollable channels with no ease of picking and choosing what you want on the screen. Think about it, do you really want an Applebee’s commercial blasting at your Buffalo Wild Wings business? Or how would it look for a Coke ad to play in the waiting room of your dentist office? Cable packages may advertise custom bundles, but when it comes down to the technology, your business can never have the full control over every part of the screen.

Expenses have been a huge component of the “cut the cord” debate. James Pollard, founder of a financial service marketing consultancy, decided to ditch cable at his business for good last September.

“After waking up and taking a look at our bill - multiple TVs and multiple packages add up - I decided that I had enough,” Pollard said.

His decision was driven initially by expense. Working with financial advisors, Pollard utilized multiple TVs at his company to broadcast CNBC. However, in September Pollard realized he could get the same content, with more control and customization, for far less.

Pollard decided to invest in Sling, a $25/month commitment to display all the finance-related content his company relies on. Because of the ease of technology like Sling, Pollard also uses a Chromecast to display online conferences and YouTube videos for the whole office without having to gather in one room to view.

UPshow Solution

Our UPshow platform gives you far more flexibility than cable in regards to what content you want your guests to see, how much you want to pay and how much interaction your guests have with your business technology.

Your UPshow screen can include your guests’ social media content as well as a wide selection of entertaining and interactive content you choose from in your Control Panel. This ensures that you’re always updating your customers with content from their favorite local sports teams and their favorite topics like beer, music and more. Best of all, this entertaining content doesn’t display your competitor’s commercials or channels that make your guests’ eyes glaze over.

The content on your TV screens isn’t the only thing flexible about UPshow. Our pricing structure is based on what you choose to use only. You’ll never have to pay for something you don’t want or need on your UPshow screen.

Overall, the ability you have as a business to control what’s broadcasted on your screens allows you to see increased engagement and interaction over cable. Cable is a one-way form of communication. Your guests are stuck staring it whether they like it or not. But UPshow gives your guests the opportunity to engage and interact with your business on social media and in venue.

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