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Take Control of Your TV Screens Now

Quick Start, the self-service option from UPshow, makes customizing your screens simple. The Quick Start self-service platform is perfect for small businesses looking to increase new customer acquisition, current customer spend and the number of customers who return, all in five minutes or less. And at $50 per month, you won’t break your budget.

How do we do it? Targeted entertainment, customizable marketing campaigns and robust analytics all in one platform.

Quick Start Self-Checkout

  • CheckmarkDigital Signage
  • CheckmarkScreen-to-Mobile Tracking
  • CheckmarkBasic Entertainment
  • CheckmarkEnterprise Control Panel
  • CheckmarkBasic Support

“My top location generates about $8,000 a month in personal training sales just from UPshow. All my locations are seeing incredible results and an increase in monthly revenue, exclusively from UPshow.”

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Entice and Engage with Entertainment

  • Pick the perfect entertainment based on what your customers love
  • Includes UPshow Now and Newsy
  • Eliminate competitor advertising

Get started for $50 per month.

Drive Actions that Matter

  • Create campaigns to encourage the customer behaviors that drive business
  • Advertise limited-time offers, special promotions and new products or services
  • Engage customers on their own mobile devices

Get started for $50 per month.

Analyze and Adapt

  • Measure engagement and better understand customer behavior
  • Track entertainment and campaign air time
  • Gain actionable insight into your customer engagement

Get started for $50 per month.

Learn how to drive engagement with UPshow

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