How UPshow SHIFT Can Improve Employee Engagement in Healthcare

April 25, 2022

Gallup recently released a report that found 85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace. That’s a big problem. Because engaged employees are more productive, less likely to leave your company and help your business earn more revenue.

We created UPshow SHIFT to help businesses solve the problem of employee engagement by delivering the best on-premise employee experience. It’s a platform that can help you measurably improve engagement, training completion speed, communication and more.

Keep reading to get a closer look at SHIFT and learn how it can help your healthcare company improve employee engagement.

Introduction to UPShow SHIFT

SHIFT is an employee engagement platform powered by digital signage technology. You use it to share targeted displays with your employees through television screens, tablets and monitors.

SHIFT integrates with your POS, LMS and other third-party systems as well. That opens up a world of opportunities for leveraging real-time data to keep your employees engaged and your sales growing.

We’ll give you specific examples of how SHIFT can improve employee engagement in your healthcare organization below.

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UPshow SHIFT is a versatile employee engagement platform that can be especially valuable to healthcare companies. Here are five ways to use it to reach your business goals.

More efficient internal communication

SHIFT offers a straightforward, standardized way to communicate with your team. 

You can create a display with a new message from any internet-enabled device. Then you can push that message out to every screen in every healthcare clinic that you run.

This feature helps you get important messages out faster and ensures consistent communication across each one of your locations.

Faster employee training

SHIFT also makes it easier to train your deskless workers on an ad-hoc basis. For example, you can create displays that track whether each individual has completed a required training module in your learning management system.

These screens serve as a constant reminder to workers that they have a training module to complete. That encourages them to complete the module on time.

Improved team performance

Because SHIFT integrates with third-party software, it’s also an excellent platform for tracking performance in key areas. You can use the data that you’re already collecting to create leaderboards that inspire a sense of competition among your workers.

Research suggests this type of internal competition can boost employee productivity.

You could even reward employees with special incentives to keep their competitive fires burning.

Faster task completion

Healthcare clinics can also use UPshow SHIFT to track the completion rates of various tasks. You can do this with nearly anything, including:

  • Speed of check-in and payment
  • Email list sign-ups and app downloads
  • Cleaning and sanitation checklists

The idea is that when you track these things and share them in real-time, it both serves as a reminder and motivates employees to complete them.

The net result is faster and more consistent completion of critical operational tasks.

Reduced employee turnover

Data shows that the national average turnover rate in healthcare is 27.1%. That’s a very high number, which indicates that healthcare companies are spending a lot on finding and training new employees.

But with SHIFT, you won’t have to worry about employee turnover as much. That’s because the engagement platform makes it easy to recognize your workers for important accomplishments and milestones, such as:

  • Their first day
  • Their work anniversary
  • The completion of a challenging project
  • Receiving an exceptional review from a patient

You can even highlight your workers for no particular reason. This type of recognition is a great way to show your workers that you care.

How to use UPShow SHIFT to improve employee engagement in healthcare

Step 1: Prepare your business for SHIFT

First, you’ll need to get your healthcare facility ready for SHIFT. This means making sure that you have well-positioned screens throughout your locations.

You need these screens to share messaging through SHIFT with your employees. So they should be in the areas that your workers frequent the most and installed at angles that aren’t awkward to view.

Smart TV screens work best because you don’t need separate media players to use SHIFT with them. But you can also use tablets, computer monitors and other types of screens according to your preferences.

Step 2: Create and share your first displays

Now it’s time to create and share your very first displays. There are two ways to do this.

You can create your own designs from scratch within SHIFT. Or you can choose from one of our pre-made templates and simply input your information.

Play around with both options when you’re first getting started with SHIFT. Doing so will help you figure out which features will be the most useful to you in the future.

Step 3: Integrate UPshow SHIFT with the third-party software you use (POS, LMS, etc.)

If you use any third-party software, you’ll want to integrate it with SHIFT. Doing so will help you create more engaging screens for your employees.

The specific process for this will depend on the third-party software you use. But our customer support team is always here to help if you have questions.

Step 4: Share real-time performance data with employees to motivate them

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the display creation process, you can start unlocking the full potential of UPshow SHIFT.

One of the best ways to do that is by using data from your POS system to create dynamic leaderboards that update in real-time. You can set a leaderboard up to track whatever metric you want. 

For example, in healthcare, you probably don’t upsell customers while they’re paying. But you might be very interested in getting more of them to sign up for your email list or download your mobile app.

With SHIFT, you can track which workers get the most signups or downloads. Then you can reward employees who rank the highest.

Step 5: Recognize deskless workers for achievements and milestones

A recent survey found that 53% of employees want to receive more recognition from management. But it can be challenging for leaders to be consistent about recognition for everyone on the team.

That’s where UPshow SHIFT comes into play. You can use the platform to show your workers that you appreciate them by highlighting their recent accomplishments.

SHIFT also helps you introduce new employees to the team. 

You can share display screens that provide information about the new worker’s background, interests and goals. That way, existing team members can spark up conversations with the new employee that help them feel welcome from day one.

Step 6: Speed up team training times

You can also use UPshow SHIFT to reduce the time it takes to teach employees new skills and information.

With it, you can create and share displays that:

  • Notify staff of mandatory training
  • Highlight employees who haven’t completed training
  • Decrease completion times by up to 30%
  • Share QR codes to ensure staff can access training modules immediately

Perhaps the most important feature in this category is the ability to quickly and easily share QR codes with your employees.

In the past, if an employee wanted to complete their training module, they would have to log into your employee portal, find the right page and look for the proper training module. That’s a long process that people are naturally going to avoid. 

With QR codes, all an employee needs to do to complete their training is pull out their phone and scan. That simplification makes it likelier that your deskless workers will complete their training quickly.

Step 7: Track and adapt

UPshow SHIFT is a versatile employee engagement platform with many different value-adding features. Though you may not unlock the full potential of each of these features from day one.

That’s why it’s crucial to track your key areas of improvement after implementing SHIFT – You’ll see where you’re doing well and where you are lagging.

Then you can make changes based on your performance over time. Getting into this habit of tracking and adapting is key to getting as much out of SHIFT as possible.

Get started with UPshow SHIFT today

Are you ready to improve employee engagement and performance at your healthcare organization? If so, you need to explore SHIFT.

It’s a powerful, yet simple way to streamline employee communications, recognize workers and get more out of your POS, LMS and other types of third-party software.

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