Screencloud vs. UPshow: Which is Best For Your Digital Signage?

December 9, 2022

Choosing the right digital signage software is an important part of reaching your business goals. For some, the decision may come down to Screencloud vs. UPshow.

Its robust solutions and cutting-edge features have made UPshow an industry leader time and time again, working with customers like Buffalo Wild Wings, Dave and Buster’s and Crunch Fitness, to name a few top brands.

While Screencloud offers a few similar features, many are not as robust and user-friendly as UPshow. 

We’ll break down the key features of both companies to help you make the right decision for your business. 

Create robust marketing campaigns

Digital signage is the perfect way for businesses to upsell and promote new products and services.  It leverages mixed media strategies to attract consumer attention without the same leg work as traditional marketing campaigns. UPshow has a host of features that allow businesses to take advantage of this. 

Smart Paper, for example, allows you to turn your digital marketing campaigns into print ones that are outfitted with QR codes. It’s a powerful tool that is being leveraged across industries including food service, hospitality, and healthcare. 

Here are some examples of how UPshow users are taking full advantage of QR code technology, a feature that’s not available to Screencloud users:

  • Restaurants use QR codes to drive patrons to download their app and join their loyalty program.
  • Healthcare providers use QR codes to promote mobile scheduling.
  • Specialty businesses display scannable QR codes that promote limited-time offers for specialty services and events.

UPshow Connect’s cross-channel integration features don’t stop there!

The power of moving calls to action to the palm of patrons’ hands is effortless with UPshow’s mobile landing page capabilities. This feature is not available through Screencloud. 

Creating engaging content is effortless

Creating content for your digital displays shouldn’t require onboarding a team of designers. Luckily, UPshow’s Canva integration makes designing content simple and intuitive.

Through Canva, you’ll have access to a range of design tools, including ready-made templates, animation and simple-to-use design features. It makes it easy for you to run elegant displays that are fully customizable, whether you want to start from scratch or work with something premade.

While Screencloud partners with PosterMyWall, Canva integration makes it possible to import and export your own content so that you can use your own logos, artwork and images. 

Effortlessly manage your content with advanced scheduling features

It’s not enough to be able to create compelling content with digital signage. You also need to be able to manage that content in meaningful ways. Otherwise, you won’t get as much value out of the technology as you should – even if your displays are second to none.

With UPshow, managing your displays is easy.

UPshow gives you more control over how you schedule your content rotations. You can run your content exactly when you want to, and create a content rotation that is location specific so that your strategies are effective on a location-by-location basis.

UPshow provides templated scheduling to get you up and running fast. With these capabilities, you’ll be able to pinpoint the specific times that are most effective for different campaign initiatives.

Screencloud only offers playlists and channel items in a fixed order, meaning you can’t control when certain content appears. UPshow’s playlists and scheduling tools provide the ultimate flexibility to control your displays for your business needs and set up a specific or random order. 

See a return on your investment

The best way to understand how to fine-tune your digital marketing strategies is by leveraging advanced analytics, a feature that UPshow makes available to all users. 

Granular-level data allows you to monitor campaigns on a location-by-location basis so that you can continue to tailor your screens based on actual numbers rather than guesswork. It eliminates the need for involved marketing consultation and is simple enough that anyone on the team can make sense of reporting.  

UPshow’s comprehensive Insights and Analytics feature takes campaign metrics and meaningfully organizes it into an accessible dashboard so you can see engagement metrics for each element of your digital displays. 

Best of all, it even converts these numbers into dollars and cents, so you can see exactly how much revenue your campaigns generate. We also offer a custom content ingestion API to help you get even more out of your digital displays.

Screencloud doesn’t offer analytics features, which can make it challenging to see a return on your investment in real numbers.

Keep customers entertained

In-house entertainment is another reason to invest in digital signage software. It keeps your guests entertained and makes them more likely to stick around for longer.

Both UPshow and ScreenCloud have entertainment features, but there are a few differences to keep in mind as you make a decision. 

If you’re looking to make your visitors’ experience immersive, music is a must.

Screencloud’s digital signage software offers support for background audio, MP3 and YouTube, which may require some supervision or caution when it comes to licensing compliance. 

UPshow, on the other hand, offers access to over 50 fully-licensed music stations. These stations make it easy to create the perfect atmosphere for your customers. 

Medical clinics opt for relaxing music that eases tension, while busy businesses keep patrons moving with upbeat pop. UPshow Premium Audio makes it easy for you to make the most of your patrons’ listening experience, all totally ad-free and fully licensed. 

Music is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to UPshow’s entertainment features.  

When you sign up for services with UPshow, you’ll also gain access to more than 500 channels of entertainment. 

With 500+ channels of entertainment, UPshow goes beyond the basics to provide your guests with the channels they truly want to see. It’s a feature that Screencloud doesn’t offer, but is certainly one that can make all the difference in keeping your patrons engaged. 

At UPshow, we believe that your screens have the potential to help you drive business by keeping guests satisfied and entertained. It keeps guests hanging out at tables longer, which ultimately leads to more revenue. 

While streaming entertainment is effective at doing this on its own, UPshow goes above and beyond to offer users advanced entertainment features that Screencloud doesn’t. 

Games, for example, are becoming increasingly popular across all generations. In fact, one study found that 65% of adults played video games on at least one platform. UPshow makes it possible to take advantage of this growing interest with a host of options for interactive games, like trivia or QR polling. 

It’s another feature that UPshow users have the pleasure of enjoying, but that Screencloud can’t provide. 

Not sure where entertainment fits into your business?

Choose a solution that consistently outperforms so that you can too

Screencloud may be a good option if you want to opt for simple digital signage software, but being average won’t make your business stand out.

With UPshow, you get the most out of dynamic digital displays that effortlessly translate across all of your marketing channels. You won’t just see an ROI in your new, highly effective CTAs, but also in the data returned from your display analytics. 

The best way to experience this value is to try it out for yourself. So why wait? Sign up for a free demo of UPshow to get started today.