The 6 Things You Need In Your BOH Staff Training

April 27, 2023

Back Of House (BOH) training may seem like a challenge, especially in the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen or stock room. But, by leveraging your BOH signage and TVs, employee learning and training can be a consistent practice.

The right strategies and content can help you create engaging training materials for  your team to use and implement in daily practice. Here’s how you can use digital signage to support your BOH team members. 

Strategies all successful restaurants should use in their BOH training 

Multiple ways to share information 

Every one of your employees will have a slightly different method of learning that works best for them. You can help your employees internalize your BOH training by providing it to them in a variety of ways.

UPshow makes it easy to present BOH training that caters to a range of learning styles.

Canva is fully integrated in the UPshow software, so it’s easy to create eye-catching content you can display on your BOH screens. You can incorporate infographics, images and written guides that can be shared in your kitchen. Scheduling tools make it easy to share information across your screens for each shift on a location-by-location basis. It keeps messaging and SOPs consistent across sites and shifts.

Not only this, but QR codes make it easy to put training and learning material in the palm of your employee’s hands. It makes it easy for them to review material and fill out forms at their convenience, without shift leaders or managers chasing them down.

Engaging learning materials

Gone are the days of involved all-day training meetings and outdated videos. Today’s training methods should strive to engage employees without cutting into workflows.

Upgrading the delivery of training videos and images is an easy way to elevate tried-and-true methods, with the added bonus of making that training material consistently available on screens. You can cycle specific training material through your BOH screens as needed, ensuring that your employees don’t need to wait for the next formal staff meeting for clarification.

The gamification of training is becoming increasingly popular, turning employee learning into games and quizzes that make learning material easier to absorb and retain. Managers can even make friendly competitions out of these training strategies, rewarding employees who score highest on safety quizzes or creating a contest across shifts. This encourages training completion and rewards retention.

Opportunities for feedback

Ineffective training is useless. One of the most effective ways to find out how well your training is going is to gather feedback from your employees. They may be able to identify weaknesses in your training regimen that you may have missed.  

UPshow Connect makes it easy to gather employee feedback with QR code campaigns. Connecting QR codes to online survey forms makes it easy for employees to use their own devices to fill out surveys that may go otherwise unnoticed.

It does need to be stressed that if you are going to solicit employee feedback, you also need to seriously consider and, if warranted, act upon that feedback.

Few things will damage an employee’s morale more than feeling that their opinion is being dismissed by their higher-ups, and doing so can cause difficulties in the workplace. 

Flexible training schedules

Creating a training schedule can be extraordinarily difficult, especially when you have to consider multiple shifts and schedules.

Powering your BOH screens with the right digital signage software, like UPshow, makes it easy to display training materials to all of your employees. You can schedule content across different shifts and at each of your locations, so everyone has access to the information they need. 

You are also able to automatically schedule a rotation of information through the UPshow software, ensuring that all your employees are current on your business’s policies. 

This makes it easy to streamline your management’s communication efforts and keep procedures consistent across staff. It’s an easy way to address and solve the problem of miscommunication or scheduling conflicts. 

Praise and recognition

Training can become especially effective when you make a point of recognizing employees who are consistent leaders on your team.

Creating displays that celebrate ambition or congratulate success is an easy way to show your team members that you are invested in their performance. You can even use premade templates to celebrate milestones like birthdays and work anniversaries. A personalized message to recognize employees can go a long way in showing appreciation to your dedicated staff.

Strong performance metrics

Performance metrics can be used to identify areas of potential improvement and can also serve as accountability tools. Encouraging your employees to complete training and meet performance goals is easy with UPshow!

With POS and/or LMS integration, UPshow can display performance and sales metrics. These in turn can be used to determine the efficacy of any training employees have undergone.

The right tools can elevate your approach to BOH training 

Use a robust approach to supporting your BOH team members 

The best strategies for BOH training take all of your employees’ needs into consideration. Your employees will each favor a different approach to learning, so the more of those approaches you can offer, the more effective your training will be.

The right training tool and delivery method should help you see a return on your investment, keep employees engaged and should be easy to maintain. A comprehensive digital signage software like UPshow SHIFT makes it easy to keep your staff informed without the need for involved meetings.

Figure out what works for your staff 

Curious about which of your shared content is most effective? Use UPshow’s insight and analytics tools to help you determine which elements of your training displays are most engaged with.

It makes it easy to identify which content goes unnoticed, so you can strategies the right delivery methods for your team. Insights and analytics report on a micro and macro level, so you can determine what screen usage looks like for each of your shifts and across each of your locations. 

UPshow has the tools you need to reinvent your BOH staff training strategy

With so many tools at your disposal, UPshow makes it as easy as turning on a screen to get your BOH employees on the same page. Schedule your free demo of UPshow today to see how we can help you take your training to the next level!

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