UPshow vs. Spectrio: Choosing the Best Solution for Your Enterprise Business

July 20, 2022

So, you’re looking for a digital signage vendor. Maybe you’ve narrowed down your options and are debating whether UPshow or Spectrio will be the ideal platform (and partner) for your enterprise business.

Here’s a TL;DR if you’re short on time:

UPshow is the leading performance marketing cloud powering businesses’ digital screens. We offer robust entertainment options and, most importantly, features that enable you to market your businesses like never before and grow your revenue in the process. We transform screens into revenue-generating tools by curating exceptional customer and employee experiences. With our technology, organizations get their own private TV networks they can fully control and customize. In addition, we are not ad-based, meaning there is no risk of your customers seeing something you don’t want them to see on your TVs.

Spectrio is a traditional digital signage company that provides a standard suite of features to customers. They describe themselves as “a customer engagement company specializing in Digital Signage.” However, there aren’t many options for engaging customers with Spectrio’s platform. While they offer music channels at an incremental cost on top of their package prices, they don’t have any entertainment channels, which play a huge role in drawing customers’ attention to TV screens. Further, they don’t provide a way for customers to engage with on-screen content, like through QR code scan calls to action. This is why they cannot provide any analytics or reporting, which means their customers can’t determine the ROI from using their platform. 

Want more details? You’re our kind of reader. We’ve outlined essential points of comparison between UPshow and Spectrio so that you can make the most informed decision for your business. 

Convenient Design Options

Good design is essential to eye-catching, effective displays. Both UPshow and Spectrio provide customers access to a digital signage editor that enables them to create image, video and text-based displays. There is also the ability to upload custom designs if customers choose to develop displays outside of their respective platforms. 

However, with UPshow, there’s no need to seek out a third-party solution for assistance with designs. Thanks to UPshow’s in-platform Canva integration, you have access to thousands of custom templates at your fingertips. From hospitality and healthcare to automotive and fitness, there are templated designs to meet the needs of UPshow’s dynamic customers. Plus, all designs can be customized with specific colors and fonts, ensuring all displays running on your business’s screens are on-brand.

Plus, if you and your team don’t have the bandwidth to design your business’s displays, UPshow can help. Our white-glove Managed Services team can handle your design needs and be your strategic partner for developing effective promotional displays and campaigns.

Robust and Relevant Entertainment 

When it comes to entertainment, there really is no competition – UPshow leads the way. While Spectrio has some music channels (available at an incremental cost), they offer their customers nothing else in the way of entertainment. 

UPshow has over 500 channels, including live streaming for UFC and eSports, viral videos, highlights from many major league sports, mood-based channels, and packs curated for specific industries, like healthcare and hospitality. On top of that, our entertainment offering comes standard with interactive options, like trivia. 

Campaigns with UPshow Connect

Your screens can drive great value for your business if appropriately leveraged. One of the best and most strategic ways to do that is through campaigns. UPshow has a solution that does just that – it propels you ahead of your competition by enabling strategic marketing campaigns for your business. 

UPshow Connect is a suite of features that come standard with our platform, allowing you to maximize revenue-driving activities among your customers via scannable QR codes. From fixed panel screen promotions and mobile-friendly landing pages to trackable flyers, Connect enables multi-touchpoint marketing for your business. The best part? Everything is trackable, so you can know precisely how your initiatives perform and how to optimize future campaigns.

The same, however, cannot be said about Spectrio. Spectrio doesn’t enable screen-to-mobile engagement for QR code activations, nor do they have the capability to enable multi-touchpoint marketing campaigns. When it comes to engaging customers and driving revenue-generating activities, Spectrio fails to provide a platform solution.

Holistic Measurement

Campaign tracking comes standard with all of UPshow’s packages. We understand how important data is to demonstrating value. After all, why would you invest in a technology that can’t prove what it’s actually driving for your business? 

Our easy-to-understand in-platform analytics help you gauge which campaigns are the most successful at driving customer engagement and revenue for your business. Insights gleaned from the data are what will help refine your marketing and further improve revenue as time goes on. 

For example, if you own a multi-location fitness business and want your members to download your new app, you can create a campaign with app downloads as the goal. You can track metrics like the total number of app downloads your on-premise promotions drove or specifically which locations received the highest number of app download scans via the campaign QR code.

Spectrio doesn’t enable marketing campaigns nor QR code technology. As a result, there is no verifiable way to identify the ROI from their platform. 

Dedicated Support Team

At UPshow, we partner with you to curate the ideal on-premise experience for your customers. We want to understand the nuances of your business and use our technology to support your growth.

Our team provides thorough training and can offer strategic guidance on the best ways to maximize campaign success and analyze results for future optimizations. We aren’t just there for you during the onboarding period – we’re always there for you with our 24/7 online help center and email or text support. 

As with the other features we’ve covered in this post, Spectrio falls short in this category due to its limited customer support options. We all know that technology is imperfect. Things come up, sometimes at the most inconvenient times, and help is needed. You should select a partner you can trust and rely on during those situations. 

That just about covers it! We hope you feel more informed and confident in deciding between UPshow and Spectrio. If you want a reliable and strategic partner that will help you enhance your on-premise customer experience and grow your business’s revenue, we would love to show you our platform in action with a custom demo.

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