Digital Employee Engagement Systems Are the Wave of the Future

February 13, 2023

The world has changed a lot in the past decade or two. Before the COVID pandemic struck, businesses were already moving towards a more digital-focused work environment. 

Since the pandemic, that movement became a full-blown stampede, and today we’re seeing digital systems in practically every corner of the workplace.

One of the more critical areas in which digital systems are making inroads is employee engagement. 

An engaged employee is motivated, invested in their work and has a high degree of job satisfaction. Digital employee engagement systems can make it easier to reach your employees and help them reach that level of engagement in your company. 

What is a digital employee engagement system?

There are two main types of employee engagement systems, one for each side of the employee/employer relationship.

On the employer’s side, digital employee engagement systems are computerized tools used to track and monitor the various facets of employee engagement. They collect data on various metrics such as employee morale, behavior, motivation, efficiency and so on.

Employee engagement systems should offer real-time analysis of the impact of different programs and strategies on the engagement levels of your workforce. 

For employees, digital employee engagement systems are methods of receiving training, feedback and even rewards from the employer. They also provide methods by which employees can provide feedback to their employer, and help identify areas of needed improvement in the business or where things are running smoothly.

Digital employee engagement systems can also track and display the progress made toward company goals or team-based objectives. 

Many, such as those offered by UPshow, will connect directly to your existing POS systems for real-time information gathering.  

What are the benefits of digital employee engagement platforms?

The benefits of digital employee engagement systems are many and varied.

They allow employers to easily track and analyze employee engagement over time, as well as provide a paperless way to store the required data where entire file cabinets might have been dedicated to the effort. 

Digital employee engagement platforms also offer an easy way for employees to offer feedback and suggestions through employee surveys and feedback forms. These engagement strategies can be coupled with QR code technology to make feedback accessible from handheld devices.  

Similarly, it also offers management an easy and effective way to communicate new policies or opportunities. 

Digital signage and digital employee engagement systems make it easy to ensure that all your messaging as an employer is consistent across all shifts and in all of your business locations, so employees and management are always on the same page. 

What does digital employee engagement look like?

Okay, we’ve discussed what digital employee engagement is, but what does that look like in the real world?

Digital employee engagement strategies take a variety of forms, but they all work towards heightening an employee’s investment in the company.

Employee satisfaction surveys can tell you where employees are happiest and where you may need to implement new policies to increase engagement. It is also the perfect vehicle for distributing training videos to your employees across all shifts and locations. 

On the subject of training, digital employee engagement systems are also useful for sharing training quizzes and gamifying training through contests. 

These systems can also be used to consistently update employees on policy changes and to ensure that all employees are aware of SOPs. 

Finally, digital employee engagement software can be used in your business for employee recognition initiatives, such as on-screen coworker features or recognition programs, like employee of the month awards. 

Similarly, they can be used to keep staff up to date about upcoming celebrations or other noteworthy company events.

Qualities of great employee engagement software

The employee engagement system should offer easy content creation and deployment

The best digital employee engagement systems offer a variety of features that allow you to create and maintain different types of content. 

UPshow features easy content creation through in-app Canva integration.

Users have access to free customizable templates, so you can incorporate your own branding and images. Once your displays are made, you can create a content schedule to ensure your messaging can be seen across all your locations. 

One aspect that should also not be overlooked is the ability to connect with the customer as well. UPshow offers a variety of ways to create campaigns to drive better customer experiences, which can have the added effect of increasing employee engagement and job satisfaction.

You should be able to integrate your employee engagement tool with other in-house tools

Your digital employee engagement systems should connect with existing software and systems.

UPShow SHIFT integrates with several different Point Of Sale systems such as Aloha, making it easy to track performance metrics like sales figures and task completion rates. You can share these metrics on screens through built-in employee engagement tools to keep employees accountable, or even to spark a little friendly competition.

UPshow Connect can also help measure engagement through QR code deployment and tracking. Its QR Code compatibility allows you to share surveys through digital signage and gives you the ability to track responses in real-time. 

Last, but certainly not least, you can use UPshow to stream premium audio content.

With dozens of fully licensed, ad-free stations to choose from, you can fine-tune the atmosphere of your business with a single, robust employee engagement, display and audio software. 

UPshow SHIFT is the digital employee engagement system you need 

UPshow SHIFT is the premiere digital employee engagement system for the modern workforce. 

It’s designed to integrate with your existing digital signage or in-house TV system and offer you unprecedented control over your employee engagement programs. Schedule a free demo to see how UPshow can help take your business and its employee engagement efforts to the next level!

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