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In-Store Advertising: Benefits of a Performance Marketing Cloud Solution to Promote Your Business

Say you’re looking to purchase running shoes. 

Which promotion would be the most likely to move you to action?

A print billboard featuring a celebrity endorsement and vague tagline? Or, an interactive display that features the same endorsement with the addition of giving you the ability to shuffle through sizes, colors and other recommendations in case the promoted shoe isn’t what you’re looking for?

The choice might be obvious. 

It’s no surprise then that interactivity with content can increase by 47% when digital elements, such as video, are incorporated into promotions. Customers crave engaging, personalized and memorable promotional experiences. These experiences are no longer rare finds but expectations.

Performance marketing cloud solutions make transitioning into an evolving promotional space simple for any business in any industry.

What are performance marketing cloud solutions?

Cloud-based solutions are sweeping across industries. It’s a fully digital solution that stores data and software on a remote server. A marketing cloud solution marries this digital solution with campaign management, content creation and analytics. 

A cloud-based solution is a digital makeover of traditional promotional tools including print and TV ads. Incorporating marketing cloud solutions, however, doesn’t have to mean abandoning those tools. 

In fact, some solutions even make it possible to streamline your print and digital campaigns.   

A cloud-based solution puts everything you need in one spot. This means that you get to run analytics, restrategize and manage your campaigns in one software, saving you time and money. 

The potential of cloud-based marketing solutions is essentially limitless; it simplifies identifying inefficient campaigns and swapping them out for new ones. Easy-to-use user interfaces also make the process of content creation quick and intuitive. 

The flexibility of cloud solutions allows all businesses to create innovative content that addresses their unique needs and target audiences on a granular level. 

What does the future of store promotion look like?

The IMARC Group says that digital signage will grow at an annual rate of 6.69% through 2027, making it a $35.4 billion industry.

If you are looking to make an impact, stepping in line with the trend of digital promotion makes sense. Digital spaces have made promotional clutter a near constant in everyone’s life, so cutting through the noise is more important now than ever before. 

Traditional efforts may initially work, but they limit the possibility, and ease, of adapting to new markets. Cloud-based solutions make space for creativity and the integration of contemporary marketing features. 

These shifts in promotional trends are happening across industries including hospitality, healthcare and education because consumers everywhere are looking for meaningful connections to the content. 

Here are some examples of how marketing cloud solutions can be used for a range of industry-specific goals:

5 benefits of performance marketing cloud-based promotions.

Find out how marketing campaigns are doing in real time.

Performance marketing cloud-based digital promotion provides in-depth analytics you can use to make the most out of your campaign strategies

The technology analyzes interaction at a granular level so that you can have an in-depth understanding of your target audience. You can gain insight into demographics, time spent interacting with content and which parts of your promotion were most engaged with. 

You can save time, effort and money on content that doesn’t work or fine-tune your strategy to hit harder on specific audiences. 

Detailed approaches to curating promotions also create personalized brand experiences, something that 83% of consumers are looking for according to Accenture

On-premise screens become powerful engagement tools

Cloud-based marketing tools are limited only to your creativity. 

You can integrate a range of tools to maximize your display space. With so much stiff competition for digital attention, it’s important that your display leverages more than just the ability to “show and tell”.

Digital solutions make integrating interactive elements easy, including the possibility to leverage the power of QR codes, social media and games. 

These strategies allow you to not only share content with users but to learn more about them as they interact. Highly engaging and interactive experiences are sought after by consumers, with as many as 47% willing to pay extra for such experiences.

Offer customers information-rich content

Digital signage allows consumers to choose which information they engage with and at what level. 

It means that your audience isn’t overwhelmed with content they don’t need but have access to personalized, dense content when they are eager to learn more. There’s no guesswork involved because users can decide how much or how little they want to engage with content. 

Digital campaign solutions also have the added benefit of utilizing a space where consumers can not only become aware of products and services but can take action as well. Integrate self-service menus, checkouts or interest forms into your displays so audiences can jump right into your business’s offerings. 

More cost-effective than traditional marketing strategies

Digital signage costs significantly less than traditional forms of promotion

Print options require constant reinvestment into new campaigns without little promise for better results. 

Though there is an initial investment in digital marketing, over time, it may save you money in material, talent and time. These campaigns are managed easily from behind a screen and are easily updated. 

Real-time analytics means that you can save on generating strategy data and pinpoint the most ineffective parts of your campaign. Swapping out bits and pieces of what works and what doesn’t can cut back on the time it takes to fully relaunch a new strategy. 

Switching to digital campaigns ensures that branding content is consistent across locations and is easily disseminated, too.

Not sure that you’re ready to give up on traditional print media strategies? No worries, just make sure that you pick a software solution that makes it easy for you to keep messaging consistent

Boosts brand awareness

More than 50% of surveyed consumers said that immersive experiences made a brand more memorable. Creating opportunities for consumers to interact with marketing material can revolutionize your brand reputation.  

If you are looking to create memorable experiences for your target audience without spending on consulting agencies or marketing teams, a cloud-based marketing solution may be for you. 

More than just a visual strategy to capture your audience’s attention, these promotional strategies emphasize the two-way relationship between brands and their consumers. 

Cut through the clutter by creating interactive experiences that make your business memorable. 

How to leverage the power of performance marketing cloud-based advertising

Interactive experiences

One way to keep your promotions engaging is through interactive experiences. These experiences keep users exploring your content for longer periods of time and increase brand recognition.

There is a range of strategies you can use to make your campaign more interactive, including: 

These experiences combine information sharing with user interest to move your audience to action and ensure they return for more of what you have to offer. 

Content creation

If your biggest worry about cloud-based marketing is navigating complicated technology, there is no need to fear. 

Choosing the right performance marketing cloud solution can make expanding into digital spaces easy. UPshow has many unique features to make content creation that much easier.

  • Canva integration. Canva integration makes content creation intuitive, offering a host of free templates and other visual elements to create visuals that pack a punch. 
  • QR code generation. QR code generation makes it possible for your display to be interactive both on your in-house screens and on your patrons’ smartphones. 
  • Scheduled displays. Easily create a display rotation that requires little management but keeps your most effective promotional material displayed when it needs to be. 
  • Smart Paper. Still building up your digital displays? No problem! UPshow Connect’s Smart Paper feature makes it easy to print digital content onto table tents, posters and more. 

Creating robust campaigns and promotions has never been easier. All it takes is some creativity, easy-to-use signage software and some screens. 

Volkswagen’s Example

By crafting immersive experiences that capture the attention of passersby, brands make it more likely that consumers will remember them. 

For example, Volkswagen showcased its adaptive cruise control feature by showing how crucial it is to maintain a safe distance from other cars. It’s not easy demonstrating the benefits of the technology without someone seeing it firsthand while driving.

Volkswagen used sensors and dynamic displays to capture information relevant to drivers without putting them in a Volkswagen. It warned drivers following a commissioned bus whether they were following a safe distance while driving. 

How’s that for memorable automotive promotion?

How to get started with performance marketing cloud solutions. 

The first step in creating efficient digital promotions is to understand your goals. Because of how robust the technology is, you can also make multiple goals including engaging specific audiences, targeting specific promotions or increasing brand presence. 

Once you’ve decided on what digital displays can do for you, you’ll need to invest in some screens. You can work with a range of displays that best fit your goals. 

Tablets may be best for highly customizable experiences, while TVs display information to general audiences. 

Finally, you’ll need to pick a signage solution that offers robust services

Try an UPshow demo

UPshow can help you jumpstart your transition to interactive promotional material with pre-made templates and easy-to-use design software. And, you can access your UPshow account from any Internet-enabled device, allowing you to swiftly make changes while on the go.

The easy-to-use software allows you to determine how to best reach your audience with granular, easy-to-access cloud-based data. 

You may discover unexplored marketing opportunities along the way, and establish yourself as a name to remember.