The Perfect Patient Engagement Platform Has These 4 Features

April 27, 2023

With the rise in healthcare consumerism and a growing emphasis on creating a positive patient experience, healthcare providers are now more in-tune than ever with redefining and optimizing their patient engagement strategies.

Patient engagement platforms are lighting the path toward improved patient engagement and ideal healthcare outcomes. 

But what makes one patient engagement platform stand out from the rest? The ideal patient engagement platform will offer four particular features your patients and their clinical team need to remain in sync along every step of a patient’s health and wellness journey.

What is a patient engagement platform?

A top-tier patient engagement platform is a digital software application that healthcare facilities use to disseminate patient-centric educational materials, encourage ongoing collaborative communication and streamline healthcare processes.

Often powered by user-friendly technology, a patient engagement platform can aid clinical practitioners in empowering their patients. Helping patients assume a proactive role in their healthcare decisions can drive positive health outcomes. 

What are the benefits of a patient engagement platform?

The benefits of a patient engagement platform are felt across the board by patients, healthcare professionals, staff and facilities and can include:

  • Improved patient engagement, which can lead to a more substantial likelihood of achieving better health outcomes.
  • More convenient, alternative communication channels between patients and providers.
  • Improved health and wellness literacy.
  • Empowers patients to ask questions and take ownership of their healthcare. 
  • Lowered patient-incurred healthcare costs.
  • Fewer readmissions and hospitalizations.
  • Accessible medical records and other relevant resources.
  • Better patient loyalty and less patient turnover.
  • Improved on-premise revenue-generating efforts.
  • Lower perceived wait times for patients. 

4 coveted features in a patient engagement platform

Not all patient engagement platforms offer the same tools or features. Some aren’t intuitive and much less user-friendly, while others seem to require advanced IT or graphic design skills to create a patient-pleasing display. So, how do you know which patient engagement platform is suitable for your patients, your healthcare team and your facility? Four pillar features must exist in the perfect patient engagement platform.

Easy content creation

Patient health, wellness and safety are your top priority, not just content creation. Perhaps, the thought of creating engaging content alone has left you wondering how you can manage to rotate it into your already-busy schedule. And what might your learning curve be?

Easy content creation capabilities are an essential pillar to look for when choosing the right patient engagement platform. UPshow can ease any content-creation anxiety with its in-app Canva integration.

You can choose from easy-to-use templates or create your content from scratch with thousands of royalty-free stock photos, music, educational videos and more. This allows you to build customized content and marketing campaigns, spotlight upcoming events or partnerships, display important announcements and more. 

Entertainment options 

Your patient’s appointment may be one of the only breaks they experience that day. Patient engagement doesn’t always have to involve a teachable moment. Sometimes entertainment or a stress-reducing nature channel can help them relax and recenter, enabling them to focus and engage once their appointment begins.

Zero in on a patient engagement platform that offers unique entertainment options that reflect your diverse patient population. An extensive selection of entertainment channels (500+), including hyperlocal and live stream content, will undoubtedly deliver the variety your patients will appreciate.

Content scheduling 

With patients constantly checking in and checking out, you’ll need a patient engagement platform that allows you to manage and schedule your content on a screen-by-screen and location-by-location basis.

Fixed panels and multipanel displays are necessary for your waiting rooms and other high-traffic patient areas. That’s because they allow you to display more than one type of content at a time.

For example, suppose your pediatric patients respond well to a comforting digital aquarium display on your screens. In that case, there’s no need to disrupt their focus with a patient announcement for their parent or guardian. A patient engagement platform that offers multi-panel displays will allow you to display both simultaneously.

Robust analytics tools 

You need access to accurate metrics and insights to determine which engagement efforts are effective and will yield a higher ROI.

Choose a patient engagement platform with extensive insights and analytics to track both on-screen and mobile real-time engagement and location-specific performance. These capabilities will allow you to optimize your content campaigns to achieve better patient engagement, increase conversions and achieve a positive ROI.

UPshow has all of this, and more 

In addition to the four pillar features, UPshow’s patient engagement platform offers a diverse selection of engagement features and content tools that can drive higher engagement and make information more accessible.

Music streaming to enhance your waiting room atmosphere

What is the average time your patients spend in the waiting room? Ten minutes? Maybe 20? Nerves can run high in the waiting room, so offering diverse music options can help your patients feel more at ease. A significant part of the patient experience is making them feel welcome in a way that’s unique to their taste.

UPshow offers over 50 channels of premium audio that’s streamable, fully licensed and ad-free. Some patients prefer easy listening over a TV show or educational video. Choose a patient engagement platform that offers a wide range of diverse entertainment options, so they’re sure to find something that will make their waiting-room experience (and overall patient experience) that much better.

Content tools that make information accessible

A significant variable in the patient engagement equation is accessibility. Engaging your patients on their personal devices is an effective way to broaden your clinic’s reach before, during and long after their appointment ends. 

With UPshow’s QR Code campaign creator, you can give your patients access to targeted health and wellness literature, spotlight new holistic products and services or even invite them to complete a post-appointment survey.

Upgrade your patient engagement strategies with UPshow

No matter how cutting-edge your in-clinic technologies or procedures may be, clinical practices must invest in competitive patient engagement strategies for patients to achieve optimal wellness and ideal health outcomes.Equip your patients and practitioners with what they need to collaborate and communicate on their collective journey. Upgrade your patient engagement strategy with UPshow’s digital patient engagement platform. We welcome you to try a risk-free demo today. Discover a superior level of patient engagement and empowerment with UPshow.

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