How In-Venue Music Can Enhance Your Customer Experience

September 21, 2022

The right music can help create the perfect atmosphere for your business. 

Research has shown that music can impact how we think and feel, from associations with specific memories to triggering our pleasure centers! Such a small addition may not seem like a huge change to your patrons, but it has the potential to change the way they feel nonetheless. 

Using music to curate the right feelings, tone and mood in your business is just one more trick to keep up your sleeve. Here’s how you can enhance your customer experience with the power of music. 

In-Venue music can change everything 

From setting the mood to taking action, music can noticeably impact how we move through spaces. 

Music affects behavior 

Time and time again, research has shown that music has an impact on the way we behave. Here’s just one example of how atmospheric music can impact the way we choose the food we eat! 

Researchers at Curtin and Macquarie Universities put a group of Scottish college students in four different rooms, each playing music from a different culture.

Participants were then given a menu with food representing a range of cultures. The study found that the music participants heard before selecting menu items had a material impact on both the dishes that the participants ordered and which items on the menu they remembered most.

For example, participants in the room playing American music were more likely to order hamburgers and remember American food items on the menu when asked about them later.

Other studies also show that playing upbeat music causes people to move with more energy and eat faster, whereas slower music encourages customers to take their time.

It may seem sneaky, but putting this to practice in your own business is fairly easy and can help you nudge customers in the right direction. Here’s how:

  • Are you looking to expand menu options or promote a monthly special? Setting the tone in your restaurant might help hungry patrons explore new options! 
  • Spas and wellness centers can strategically play slower music in locker rooms to encourage patrons to slow down and treat themselves. Couple gentle sounding stations with digital marketing that promotes specials on services or wellness packages. 
  • It goes without saying that ads and the wrong music can kill the mood in bars, so ditch the buzzkill with over 50 stations from UPshow Premium Audio (and save on an in-house DJ, too!). 

Genre is everything

If we’ve learned anything from studying music, it’s that genre can make or break the atmosphere in any space. 

In fact, our brains respond to music from different genres in different ways

Pop music can affect our energy levels, giving us the extra pump we need at the gym. Likewise, the narrativity of rap often details a “come-up” story, which can also inspire some to make the final push. 

Jazz can promote feelings of relaxation because of its slow tempo, while classical music might lead us to avoid feelings of anger. You may even be surprised to know that heavy metal can help listeners manage feelings of aggression and anger

Experiment in your own spaces. Play classical music in waiting rooms to calm anxious patients, or use the Hit List to keep listeners moving through your business.

UPshow Premium Audio makes it as easy as pushing a button to set the right tone in your space. All you have to do is determine how you want people to feel, pick a station from a genre associated with those feelings and leave the rest to the brain. 

Use music to curate an experience

Businesses perform best when they can curate specific experiences for their customers. 

It comes down to using fine details to create the right atmosphere for your business and customers. Setting the mood while people shop, eat or wait in your spaces means connecting to their experiences, interests and values. 

Music does this by targeting people's memories and emotions.  We associate specific genres, artists and lyrics with our experiences, triggering different feelings and ideas as we listen. 

So, if you want the space you create to be associated with specific values or feelings, music can get you there! Playing folksy music with gentle melodies and sweet lyrics can make people feel at home in a way that’s more organic than simply saying you are a “family-oriented business”. 

Pairing audio with the right visual cues is the most effective way to make emotional associations with patrons. UPshow’s digital display solutions and wide selection of stations allow you to do both in one easy step. Here’s how audio and visual can come together in powerful ways, no matter what industry you’re in:

Keep guests coming back for more

Consumers are seeking out experiences that address their values, interests and lifestyle. A vibrant atmosphere is no longer exceptional, but an expectation. If you’re looking to elevate your space with music, UPshow Premium Audio is for you. 

The right vibes set you apart from competitors who offer similar services, so it’s important to connect with your market in any way that you can. 

Don’t make your venue a one-hit-wonder, but keep people coming back because they feel at home, or somewhere special, when they come to your business. Coupling music with promotional material allows you to promote your products and services and nudge patrons toward action.

Hit the right notes with UPshow Premium Audio

UPshow Premium Audio unlocks the full potential of in-venue music and digital displays through the UPshow platform, all in one spot. 

Set the right tone with music 

The right music for your business may change from day to day; that’s why UPshow Premium Audio gives you access to over 50 stations.

With it, there’s no need to worry about cueing up dozens of songs or having someone stand near an aux cord, either. You simply choose the station that matches the vibe you want to deliver and let the music play. 

And, it's easy to keep your patrons' experience consistent across all your locations. You have the power of centrally controlling the listening experience for all of your guests. 

On top of that, the music that you get through UPshow Premium Audio is fully licensed. No worrying about license fees or paying for individual tracks.

Listen to music, not ads 

The average person is exposed to as many as 10,000 ads per day. Set yourself apart from the noise with an ad-free listening experience. 

UPshow Premium Audio offers ad-free stations without any interruptions. You’ll be able to play the music that you want for as long as you want without ruining the mood.  

Or, rotate your own curated marketing materials at natural breaks in the music. That way, if people are going to hear ads over your speakers, at least they’re for your own business.

Easily integrate listening with digital displays 

Implementing the right music streaming service for your venue can bring a lot of value to your company. But you can get even more value out of this by integrating the listening experience with your digital displays.

UPshow Premium Audio seamlessly integrates with digital displays to create an immersive experience for your guests. And, if you’re already using UPshow’s intuitive display platform, you can do it all with the same vendor you trust. 

Combine in-venue music with images and video through UPshow

If you want to enhance your customer experience, pairing your digital promotions with a curated listening experience is the best way.

It’s easy with UPshow. By pairing our services, you get:

  • Over 500 channels of entertainment
  • Powerful tools for creating custom displays or pre-made templates
  • Built-in analytic features to help you track performance
  • Over 50 curated, ad-free, fully licensed stations


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